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Memory card data recovery

Memory card data recovery

Has your USB flash disk, which contains important files such as researches and photos which you would not like to lose, crashed?

Hard drive data recovery

Hard drive data recovery

Have you dropped your external hard drive which contains your most important files and accounts, and it stopped working?

Deleted Files

Computer data recovery

Has your main computer suddenly stopped working? Have you been told that your important files are lost forever?

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Mobile phone data recovery

Mobile phone data recovery

Recover messages and photos from a mobile phone or tablet


Data Recovery from SSD Disk

Data Recovery from a damaged SSD Disk

RAID Array data recovery

RAID Array data recovery

Data recovery from a collapsed server or RAID array

If you have lost important files, accounting data, emails, photos or videos, whether from your mobile, computer, camera, memory card or any other electronic means of storing data in all its forms ... then we at 24D are best able to assist you in recovering your critical data.

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Recover deleted files

Data Recovery Services

Our job at 24D is to help you get back in business through the recovery of your important data from your faulty device whether it was a hard drive or a memory card or anything else.

Confidentiality in data recovery


In our work, the privacy and confidentiality of our customers are maintained as with the "physician-patient" relationship.



Our principle is clarity, for this we have added the F.A.Q section to explain to you about the data recovery process as much as possible.