24D Terms and Conditions

  1. This agreement is an integral part of the work in all its parts and accessories.

  2. Under this agreement, the customer delivers to 24D a storage medium of electronic files such as a hard drive (henceforth called “Media”), to 24D for inspecting the possibility of recovering missing data from this media and to give the customer a price quote to complete this task.

  3. 24D undertakes to maintain complete confidentiality concerning the information of all that it receives from the customer whether as missing or rescued data.
  4. The customer should send to 24D a signed version of the inspection form so that 24D can begin work. And the customer declares that he/she (or it with regard to companies, institutions, or organizations) is the legal owner (or authorized representative of the legal owner) of the media and all data contained therein.

  5. 24D will send a carrier (FREE of charge) to the customer’s address to pick up the media. The customer pays in advance the inspection fees only (based on the type of inspection chosen in the inspection request). The customer is not required to pay any other amount except in the following cases:

    a- If the customer requests his/her faulty media back, then the transportation and handling costs to return the media will be at his/her expense in advance ($15 handling + transportation approximately $15), if the lost data cannot be retrieved for any reason, or if the customer requests to end the service.

    b- If the customer accepts the price quote offered by 24D for recovering his/her lost data or part of it, then full payment of the approved charges is due upon completion of recovery and prior to release of recovered data.

    c- If the customer has given 24D approval to purchase spare parts, then he/she should make the necessary payment in advance which is non-refundable even if the recovery process does not succeed later.

    d- If the customer requests his/her faulty media back after successfully recovering his/her lost data, then there is extra $15 for handling costs.

  6. The customer agrees that if incorrect or misleading information has been entered in the inspection form or that the information does not match the conditions/specifications of the sent media, then the necessary amendments and the consequent tasks will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
  7. 24D undertakes to use all the resources and technology available to it to give the customer the best estimate cost possible for the data recovery, the amount of recoverable data and the time required to do so. However, 24D cannot guarantee this estimate to be fully accurate due to circumstances beyond its control. And the customer agrees that 24D will not be liable in case of being unsuccessful in restoring the customer’s data.
  8. The main purpose of the initial inspection/check is to prepare a price offer about the data and files that can be recovered. 24D does not hand out a detailed report describing the problem and methods used to solve it after the inspection process.
  9. In no event will 24D be liable for any damages or losses that may result directly or indirectly, including loss of data or loss of revenue to the customer, whether incidental or consequential, before, during or after the service from 24D.
  10. 24D will not be liable for any warranty on the media that may be canceled as a result of the inspection process or the data recovery.
  11. Transportation of the media or the recovered data via the carrier from the address of the customer to 24D laboratory and vice-versa is the responsibility of the customer only, even if transportation was done/paid at the expense of 24D. 24D will do its best in packaging and in choosing the best carrier company but cannot be held liable for any damage, delay, loss or leak of customer’s information which may occur during transportation.
  12. If the customer does not request the return of his/her media within 60 days from the date of delivery for inspection by 24D, it will be destroyed or disposed of without any prior notice to the customer, and he/she is considered to have given up the media and to have waived all rights related to it; this includes the right of claim of any kind and the right to obtain any information about the media. In such a case 24D shall not be liable to the customer or any third party.