24D Data Recovery

24 = 24 hours
D = Data
24D = (‎24 hour Data Recovery‎‏)
24 D is an advanced technological laboratory, utilizing over 13 years of experience in sustained provision of various forms of Information Technology services.


Details, depth, complexity of computer files and the micro-electromechanical designs of modern storage devices are our daily concern. The process of data recovery varies from one case to another. Each person's scenario is unique. Therefore, there should be a discussion and examination into the circumstances of each specific case.


We at the 24D Technological Laboratory are proud to offer the highest level of professional computer Data Recovery services available in the industry. We rescue data lost or damaged from most kinds of storage devices. When you lose important data from your computer, camera, mobile or otherwise, the first wise step is to consult the experts in data recovery.

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Our specialty is electronic data recovery only; we apologize for not providing any other technological service outside this specialization. Examples of some of the services we do not offer are: computer repair and maintenance, building and developing computer programs and computer network problem solving. While we have left all such services for the computer and mobile companies, but we are pleased to collaborate with them in the field of Data Recovery.

An example of what we do: we can remove passwords from hard drives to recover lost files from them.

We have several features at 24D Technological Laboratory:

  • Multilingual communication and technical support in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
  • An excellent reputation… Trustworthy, honesty and confidentiality.
  • We use the latest methods and techniques available in this industry. We can succeed in tasks which other companies are unable to handle.
  • Prices are set based on the nature of the problem, accordingly and professionally.
  • Express service is available enabling quick downloading of the rescued data directly from our secured website (Secure FTP).
  • Our website on the internet is an automatic online system which is live 24 hours---a customer can create his/her case and can track the inspection and recovery process of his/her case by entering the corresponding case number and password.
  • With 24D Online File Explorer, the customer can browse his/her recoverable files (name, size, location, and date).
  • We provide continuous professional support before, during and after the data recovery.
  • An emergency service is available to deal with urgent cases -- 24 hours overnights, weekends and holidays (24x7x365).
  • The possibility to talk directly with a data recovery engineer.
  • We have no technicians. Our specialists are creative engineers at the highest skill level.

24D is where you find trust and power