Data Recovery Services

Data rescue

Data rescue

Has your main computer suddenly stopped working? Have you been told that your important files are lost forever?

Hard drive data recovery

Hard drive data recovery

Have you dropped your external hard drive which contains your most important files and accounts, and it stopped working?

Flash Memory Data Recovery

Flash Memory Data Recovery

Has your USB flash disk, which contains important files such as researches and photos which you would not like to lose, crashed?

Have you lost your important data?
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Mobile phone data recovery

Two Types of Data Recovery

We at 24D Technological Laboratory are proud to offer the highest quality assistance available in the industry in terms of professional services to rescue and recover computer data lost or damaged due to:

Logical Corruption

Physical Defect

Elements of Data Storage

 24D is able to retrieve electronic data lost from most kinds of storage devices, operating systems and file systems found in the market today… and we are continuously up-to-date with the evolution of technology, always following up on what's new.

Data storage devices

Desktop computers – Laptops – Servers – Raid systems – Monitoring Cameras – DVRs -- External Hard Drives – NAS boxes - USB flash drives – Memory Cards of cameras and mobiles – iPhones – iPads – iPods – Solid State Drives SSD

Operating Systems

MS Windows – Apple Mac OS – Novell NetWare –Linux – Android

File Systems

NTFS – ReFS – FAT – FAT32- exFAT– HFS -HFS+ – UFS – APFS– Ext2/3/4