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Our principle is clarity, for this we have added the F.A.Q section to explain to you about the data recovery process as much as possible.

  • We can recover data from many types of mobile phones that have fallen / broken.
  • Data recovery process is not easy at all; it needs experts with varying skills and tools that cost thousands of dollars!
    We always advise you to turn off your device and consult the experts. Here are important guidelines to follow:
  1. Do not open the hard drive. Some people think that opening the hard drive and fixing it is that simple.... Well, it’s not. Opening the hard drive could ruin your data forever, or at least make things worse and doubling the cost of data recovery several fold, so instead of costing $200, it could cost $15000.
  2. If your hear a clicking noise or any strange noise coming out of the hard drive, then it‘s better to turn off the device and not to turn it on again as this may worsen the problem.
  3. If the hard drive is still working, and it allows you to run data recovery software, then you should connect it to another computer, since installing the recovery software on the same hard drive is harmful.
  4. Running different data recovery programs continuously may worsen the problem. If you have extremely important files try not to turn the hard drive on again since the damage may be irreversible for data recovery companies.
  • Success depends on two factors: The first is our efficiency and the capabilities available to us which are of a world-class standard. The second factor is the amount of damage to the storage media. We are usually successful with the most difficult cases, but sometimes the cost and fees are high. In some cases, matters are out of our recovery hands.
  • Success percentage depends on the extent of damage to the storage media. Therefore the percentage may be 100% or unfortunately 20%; this can only be known after the initial examination that we perform upon receiving the damaged storage media. We do not give out false hopes to customers nor do we want to waste their time. Sometimes all the files can be recovered and other times some of them; all of the names, locations and sizes can be seen online through our safe website.
  • Each specific task has a price. Logically there should be a fee for examination, and for delivery, etc... Normally, the examination costs $40 including delivery, which is considered a small amount for the service provided.
    In cases where the storage media has been tampered with (e.g.: opening the hard drive), the examination fee is $160.
    The examination fee is non-refundable, but is included in the cost of data recovery, if the customer agrees on the cost required to recover the data.
    For example, the cost of data recovery for one customer may be $500, if he/she agrees, the expected payment shall be $460, which is data recovery cost minus the initial damage examination fee.
  • When a customer creates a case online he/she immediately gets an email containing a case number and password to access the website. Thus he/she can track all the changes and events related to their case 24 hours online. Item received, date and time are recorded along with other notes that are necessary for the customer; (we maintain the right not to reveal any technical details to whichever party). The customer can navigate through his/her files online (without opening them), and can see the cost of the data recovery process.
  • This depends on the nature of the problem at hand. Sometimes the cost does not exceed the examination fee which is $40, but usually it would cost more than $200 in cases where computer maintenance stores cannot handle. So the cost usually varies between $40 and $1500 and in some cases the cost is much higher. Honesty and trustworthiness are what makes 24D unique since we base the cost for solving problems on a professional standard.
  • Initially your problem may be simple and can be solved for only $60 which is the initial examination and delivery fee. However we do not set the cost depending on the importance of your data, but on the effort we put in to solve your problem in order to recover your data.
    For example you may pay $60 for extremely important data, or $3000 for less important data.
  • If you value your lost files to be less than $100, then you can try recovering them through the computer technician that you deal with and trust in terms of skills, knowing that there is a risk of losing your data forever. But if you value your data and are willing to pay more than $100, then you have come to the right place. We strongly advise you not to try to solve the problem on your own since it may increase the severity of the problem and thereby possibly increasing the cost tenfold ($1000) or more…
  • Usually it takes from one day to 10 days. But there are factors that may increase the period of data recovery: firstly, the severity of the case ,and secondly the size of the requested files. In some cases we may need spare parts that are not available locally and may need to be brought from abroad – this may add several days to work.
  • No guarantee can be given without the initial examination done on the memory card to diagnose the nature of the problem. After the initial check, you will get a price offer for your data recovery. In most cases, you can see your files online through our website (file names, sizes and locations). And in the case that the file(s) could not be retrieved, you will have only paid the non-refundable examination fee.